About Us

We're an Aussie family with small children based down in the beautiful, natural state of Tasmania. Like a lot of people with small children we have had some challenges with sleep and the more we researched the more we understood how fundamental it is to our health.

So we went on a bit of a mission to improve our sleep that took us through trying a lot of things. Of course we found that some things helped with sleep and a lot of things didn't. What was frustrating through this process was that we were unable to find products here in Australia that we liked. We try and avoid plastic where we can but all the blue light blocking glasses we could find in Aus were plastic. We found that sleep masks helped but the good ones were only available in the US and so on.

This led us to creating Zees to develop the products that we wanted for ourselves. As such everything that we do:

  • is high quality
  • will help with sleep
  • is something we use ourselves

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