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Sleep Mask - grey
Sleep Mask - grey

Sleep Mask - grey

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Fully adjustable 100% blackout sleep mask. 

  • 100% blackout for better sleep
  • Fully adjustable to fit any face
  • Ultra-Soft, materials, comfort, breathability and durability
  • No pressure on eyes or eyelashes

You may not know that even small amounts of light can have a noticeable effect on your quality of sleep. Having a totally dark sleep environment is one of the foundational best practices of getting great sleep.

The most convenient way to achieve a totally dark sleep environment is to wear a high-quality sleep mask that blocks 100% of ambient light. The Zees sleep mask goes one better than that as well - its fully adjustable eye patches put no pressure on your eyes and eye lashes, allowing you to blink or even open your eyes with the mask on.

Combine the fully adjustable eyes with a snag-free Velcro fastener and ultra-soft material and you've got one comfortable sleep mask that you can wear every night whether your a back, side or tummy sleeper.